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Welcome to Lightning$Brothers Clan Website

This website is currently owned and maintained by Vertrex. The administrator of this website is Lover$Boy. The leader of the clan is Lover$Boy. Please visit the 'News' section to be UP-YO-DATE with the clan/website's activities.

Sorry but the clan is no longer running. Please check the news section for more information.


For Applicants - READ ME

Applicants of tron, please don't register in the members section without the acceptance of Lover$Boy. To earn his acceptance, please go into 'Apply' tab and follow the instructions.

If you do register without the acceptance of Lover$Boy, your membership will be deleted. So please do apply a form and wait for Lover$Boy's response.

If you are someone that Lover$Boy has already given acceptance to, then you can register to become a member of the clan.

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